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Why do we run?

I've always imagined large groups of runners navigating through the city and all over the world encouraging each other, building life long friendships and solving the worlds problems all through a refreshing, provoking and stimulating morning run. As humans we flock to a group situation, we hate missing out, we love challenging ourselves. We go into something wanting simplicity and end up being dealt inspiration, hurdles, set backs and success.

If you're going to run then why not throw yourself at it, live it, breath it and most of all... embrace what you ran from, why you run and where you're running to!

GetRunning was founded by Gaz Brown in 2007 after taking Kerre Woodham to the Auckland, New York and Paris Marathons and subsequently co-writing the books "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner" and "Short Fat Chick in Paris" with her.

Now with having coached over 1000 runners from all walks of life, a current coaching database of 100 and over 65 members in the Running Clinic. Marathon tours covering all the major international and domestic Marathons, GetRunning takes the essence of running and makes it bigger than life!

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