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GetRunning Travel was started by Gaz Brown in 2008. After co-writing ‘Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner ’ with Kerre Woodham and then traveling with her and a small group to the New York Marathon, Gaz found that runners really enjoyed traveling together. Not just to experience these amazing international destinations but to also share the heartwarming sense of purpose in completing their marathon ambitions. And so, with overwhelming requests, GetRunning Travel was started.

"I have been on many half Marathon and full Marathon GR tours, both international and local, and I can truly say they are very special events"... Read more

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Buenos Aires Marathon Tour 2018

Known as the "Paris of the Americas", Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the tango, is a city of contrasts. The glamour and elegance of its European roots are interwoven with its undeniable Latin America essence.
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New York Marathon Package 2018

The TCS New York City Marathon has taken running to a whole new level. Thanks to the DJs, bands and two million spectators that line the streets, traffic and loud breathing is exchanged for music and cheering. This 26.2 mile block party is one you do not want to miss!
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