Raelene Grinter - Auckland Marathon 2013

So nice to meet you this weekend and many thanks for all your encouragement and support and making me feel welcome even though I'm an out of towner and hadn't been running with your crew.

The GetRunning support was awesome from the people on the bus, to the special area with our own porta loos and the support stations, especially liked the oranges and the tent after with the most fantastic massage.I liked the beginners training schedule which is very achievable with runs 4- 5 days a week especially for busy working Mum's like myself.

Kiri has been amazing the last last couple of months answering my every email and all my trival questions and just being such a positive person to deal with.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and super happy to go under 6 hours,  I'm just having a lilted problem negotiating my back door steps at the moment!!

Yes I am a Marathon finisher!!!!!

Many thanks again
Raelene Grinter