Lindsey Hurley - Saint Clair Half Marathon Tour

What a fantastic weekend away!  Having just returned from another GetRunning tour, feeling triumphant (and a little hung over), I am reflecting on all that I have gained on these tours...a few more race finishes, a relaxing vacation, and not least, amazing friendships!  GetRunning seems to attract a great group of runners on every tour, and St Clair was no exception.

New faces always means new friends, and I am already looking forward to catching up with some of my new friends in the very near future.  And, being surrounded by so many happy and motivated people always rubs off.  I come home from these tours feeling inspired in so many ways (not just with my sights set on the next race).

Amazing accommodation, great food, and hilarious entertainment (did I mention my abs are still hurting from all the laughing??) are the norm for GetRunning tours, but, what keeps me coming back time and again is the friendships of some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Thanks Gaz, for putting together another laughter filled weekend away.  You think of everything, except perhaps, a remedy for my Monday morning headache??