John Strowger - GetRunning Tours

I have really enjoyed all of the GR tours I’ve been on – sure, they give you a (mild) focus to your training, and take you to exotic places you might not otherwise go to ( a classic case in point being Chicago for me – what a city, and what a marathon) – and I suppose there’s a run involved and everything, but the best bit is the people, and what (usually) comes next.

The GR tours tend to be a pretension free zone, with lots of like-minded individuals fairly keen to have a good time ( so far on my GR travels, I’ve dressed as a Beatle ( Sargent Pepper era) in Taupo, engaged in a bit of a spot of speed cross dressing in Keri Keri……and stayed orthodox in Chicago -  albeit that we almost sent two of colleagues to certain death in the South side of Chicago).

To be frank, my experience has been that not everything is strictly athletic. There is an inordinate amount of focus on eating and drinking -  and not much distinction is drawn between pre race and post-race activities.  No one is there to set age group records, and it shows.

The older I get ( I’m actually still very young) the more I value life experiences, over the other so called baubles of modern life. The great times I have had on these trips are memories that are important to me – and the master plan is to keep adding to them, until the day I cant.

Oh, and Gareth is always a wonderful tour guide. Even if he loses jackets, occasionally.