Jayne Settle - Hawke's Bay Marathon Tour 2016

To Gaz,

I just wanted to email you to let you know what a fabulous trip the Hawkes Bay Tour was.
I loved staying at Te Pania - it was so relaxing and so clean and tidy.  Being so busy with school and being a mum just walking into that room took my breath away.  I really enjoyed my little haven/retreat.

I loved the way you took care of our breakfasts each day and made sure the van was ready to pick us up and take us to the main house.  Your attention to detail was amazing.  The food was fabulous - so delicious - every meal lovely.

What I loved the most of all (i know so much love) was the support of the GetRunning group. I always knew they were a  good group but my goodness the support I received at the end of the finish line was just amazing.  It blew me away - I was just overwhelmed by the kindness of those who already ran - they could have all gone back and relaxed but no they were all out at the finish line waiting and cheering.  That will stay with me forever. 

Thanks to you and Sarah - for coming out on your bike to check we were ok and for Sarah to be waiting in the vines and ecouraging me. 

Sportslab were also so generous with their time and support.

The entire weekend was outstanding and will be one I will remember for a while.  I really like this group and the friends I have made. 

Thanks so much for a great weekend and I hope you have had a fun couple of restful days with the family.

Once again thanks Gaz - you do a great job and have built a great community amongst the runners:)