Heather Carter - Paris Marathon Tour 2013

Imagine turning around and having the majestic Arch de Triumphe behind you as you line up at the start of your next marathon. They say Paris is the city of love but if you love running then this is the place to be - on a GetRunning tour.

The course, the supporters, the wonderful entertainment  (and of course the GetRunning supporters en route) make this event one not to be missed.  You actually need to pinch yourself as you run along the Seine with the mighty Eiffel tower standing tall and proud beside you

As we weaved our way through the Paris streets, past wonderful historic monuments, museums, parks and attractions it was hard not to enjoy it.  This marathon was one that I really looked forward to and consequently I enjoyed every step of it.  It was great to have such a wonderful supportive crowd along the way and extra special when you spotted the GetRunning team and the NZ flag.

Before we knew it it was over and the finish line was in sight.  A mission achieved and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!  It was wonderful to get back to the hotel with Gaz, and our supporters there to welcome us home. And yes, we did celebrate with bubbles, we were of course in PARIS!