Jayne Settle - Auckland Marathon 2012

I had been in Oxford, Christchurch and after years of dieting, exercise, dieting, eating, dieting, being sad and depressed because clothes would not fit, on June 15 2011 I dug out of the cupboard a recently brought book – Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner. This book saved my life.  I loved the honesty at which Kerre wrote it and then the stories at the back – hard to read at times through my tears. I read this book and was inspired and questioned myself - “Could I actually do this?” I had walked/run the Auckland half in 2010 with hardly any training.   I looked up this site Get Running and enquired when the next running block was.  I was due back in Auckland 2 weeks before the next block of training was to begin.  My goal was to run the whole half without stopping.

So there began my journey 100.6kg  – the first Sat morning I got on my longest, biggest and baggy-est T Shirt and joined the group.  The first run round the block was a 5km hard slog for me and it took me 40 min.  I was last back to the group (they had all started on strength) but after a couple of weeks I realised no one cared whether I was first, last or otherwise – they were happy they had bet their time from last week, or they were happy they got further.  I then realised no one was looking at me running; they were all there for the same reason to run and meet others.  So I kept on week after week - I never gave up and I just kept running each time.  The group running part was the best for me as I was running with other runners and was encouraged by them.  The group were very friendly. Because of the benefits of running, my eating patterns started to change and I cut out all comfort food.  I started to see the results. 

I was really enjoying the running and the eating well was paying off and I was getting stronger.  I had more energy, was getting healthier – this was important as I had my son to think about.  We have so much fun running around and playing now.

I completed my goal – I ran the whole of the Auckland Half in 2011 and I took 5 min off my time and was 17kg lighter.  I then decided to try to train for a Marathon in 2012.  With the help of GetRunning and the trainers - I have now also completed my first Marathon.   I am now a marathon runner.  

So I want to say thanks Gaz and GetRunning, honestly this has been the best time of my life.  I am not just saying it, I actually love it - when i think of that first run I did in August 2011 the 5km round the block took me 40 or so minutes and now what I can do.  I cannot believe I got to the top of Rangitoto, ran 21km without stopping, ran 3 more half marathons and went to on a Get Running tour to St Clair and the Auckland Marathon.  I have only been with Get Running for a year and 3 months and I have done so many new and wonderful things.  The training that I received from GetRunning is amazing.  The encouragement from the trainers Kiri, Gaz and Mark as we are covering the long kms is awesome. This is a great group.  It has helped my weight loss and I have become so much happier and confident – (not to mention the size 12 dress!!!).  I have made so many new friends. 

I am so glad one cold snowy day in Oxford Christchurch I read the book Short Fat Chick to Marathon runner and looked at my 100.6kg in the mirror and thought I will do it. This has been an inspirational and life changing journey. I am excited about life.  Thanks Gaz and GetRunning.