Fiona Crisp - Saint Clair 2013

I arrived at the airport ready for my first "overseas" marathon tour and hunted around for the GR team - didn't take long to find them in their matching tour jackets! Arriving in Blenheim we were handed our first drink of the weekend - the first of many. We were driven to our hotel -the wonderful Marlborough Vintners Retreat - and knew we were in for a weekend of luxury. After a lovely two course dinner and the handing out of the race packs, we retreated to our rooms for a slumber, while some of the more hardy amongst us partied on.

The next day dawned bright and sunny - yay! No rain! It was however a tad chilly but once we started the run we warmed up. The course took in some beautiful undulating countryside - you run through vineyards, next to the river and then through more vineyards. Along the way there are musical bands, tasting stations of salmon, sauvignon blanc gelato, chocolate and mussels! Apparently there was a beer station too but by the time slow poke me got there, they were all out.

The finishing line eventually appeared and was handed my bottle of bubbles to celebrate the end! We then sampled the bubbles and had some lunch from some of the yummy food stands and just enjoyed the (by now!) warm sun.

We then returned to the hotel, kept on drinking our winning bubbles before heading out to the celebration dinner. Great food, ok band and funny dancing followed!

Sunday was another bright and beautiful sunny day. The bus arrived after breakfast and we took in a tour of a few lovely Marlborough vineyards before lunching at Wither Hills Vineyard. After lunch we returned to Blenheim to hear our tour "mascot" Kerre Woodham's talk  at the Books and Bubbles event.

Exhausted but really happy we returned to Auckland on a late flight after an awesome weekend which really was a weekend of lovely wine, food and awesome company with a little half marathon thrown in for fun! Highly recommend the St Clair Tour - it's a great weekend away!