Angela Little - Taupo Half Marathon 2013

Taupo was, as usual a lot of laughter with the GetRunning team.  Travelling down in the mini-bus driven by Gaz was a great way to get to know our fellow runners and their expectations of the race.  The Hilton Hotel was stunning and the restaurant yummy!  Race day came and me, expecting rain and wind, and being a fair weather runner wrapped up with long sleeves and leggings.  At the 12k mark I was actually sweating, something I am famous for not doing.  The lake was glistening and the sun shone down.  Kerre McIvor, my pace partner and I ran together until the 18k mark when she found her legs and I lost mine. 

Crossing that finish line was sheer joy!  Shame the organisers handed out very large chocolate fish because I gulped mine down and by the time Gaz’s famous burgers and the beer came out I was close to vomiting!  Nothing that a soak in the Hilton Hotel hot water and a cocktail didn’t sort out. 

The Vines Retaurant in Taupo was the host of our after party complete with dress ups and karaoke.  Making new friends becomes very easy with good wine and karaoke.  I crawled into bed around 1am after celebrating with my new bff’s.  I’ll be back for KeriKeri, hopefully having trained a little more this time.